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FAQs on Immigration

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration Law

by World One Law Group

Questions About Consultations

Q: How do I know if I need a consultation?

A: Consultations are appropriate for any type of immigration-related question. You can meet with a World One Law attorney by phone, Zoom, or Teams from the comfort of your own home. We will review your particular situation and provide information that is customized to you. Immigration law is complicated. The best answer can depend on your unique circumstances, immigration history, travel plans, and personal preferences. The consultations are designed to develop the best strategy for you, your family, and your needs. 


Q: How long does it take to schedule a consultation with an attorney?

A: Consultation appointments can be set within a week to two weeks period from your initial contact. 

Q: How long is a consultation?

A: A typical consultation appointment will take about an hour. We will make sure that all your questions are answered during that time. If additional time or research is needed to answer your questions, we can schedule a follow up meeting.


Q: How much is a consultation appointment?

A: We charge a $250 consultation fee of which an attorney may meet with you and offer you legal advice on your situation and possible options. If you decide to hire our office to pursue a case your $250 consultation fee will be subtracted from your cases legal fees. 

Q: Do I have to pay the consultation fee before my appointment?

A: We request that you pay your consultation fee before your consultation begins with one of our attorneys. We can process your payment online or you can call our office and we will take your payment over the phone. You may pay with debit card, credit card, check, or e-check. 

Questions About World One Law Group

Q: What type of immigration cases does World One Law Group take?

A: World One Law Group is an immigration law firm that handles a business immigration, family visas, and humanitarian immigration cases.

Employment & Business immigration cases include petitions for H1B, TN, L1A, L1B, O1, E1, E2, E3, B1 in Lieu of H1B, and other work visa types. World One Law Group also handles employment-based permanent residency (also called "green cards") through the PERM, I-140 petition, adjustment of status, and consular process.

Family immigration petitions include marriage-based adjustment of status (permanent residency), brother-sister petitions, child, parent, and other immigrant visas with I130 petitions, I485 Applications to Adjust Status, the National Visa Center, and embassy processing. We take on I751 Petitions to Remove Conditions, both jointly or with a waiver.

Humanitarian cases that we handle include affirmative asylum, DACA, U Visas, VAWA, advance parole, employment authorization renewals, and related matters.

Finally, World One Law Group helps permanent residents apply for US citizenship through the naturalization process (Form N400). 


Q: I was issued a Notice to Appear for immigration court. Does World One Law Group take deportation cases?

A: No, our firm does not handle deportation or removal cases in immigration court. We recommend that you find an attorney that specializes in removal immigration cases. You can visit to find an immigration attorney who handles deportation cases.

Q: Can your paralegal  answer my legal questions?

A: No, your paralegal can not answer legal questions. You will need to speak with an attorney for legal advice. However, once you become a client of World One Law Group, your assigned paralegal will collect information, update you on your case status, and give information about government processing times. We work as a team to ensure a smooth process for your case.

Questions About Traveling

Q: Can I travel to Canada as a lawful permanent resident?

A: Yes, but you will need a passport and your LPR card with you for inspection at the border.


Q: Can I travel internationally while my case is pending with the government? 

A: Every case is different, so consult your immigration attorney about your specific situation. Generally, you should remain in the United States if you filed a petition to CHANGE your status while in the United States. If you travel, your petition could be deemed abandoned by USCIS.  If you filed to EXTEND your status, leaving could cause you to be stranded abroad until your petition is approved.

If you filed to adjust your status to permanent residency, you should also file for permission to travel (called "Advance Parole") to travel internationally while your I485 application is being processed. Consult your immigration attorney about restrictions on traveling.

Q: Can I travel to Canada as an undocumented immigrant?

A: No, leaving the country without advance permission could cause serious problems in your case. You should contact World One Law Group or another attorney to discuss your options for getting permission to travel internationally. 

Q: Can I travel to Canada as a US citizen?

A: Yes, U.S. citizens can travel to Canada. You will need either an enhanced driver's license or a passport with you for inspection at the border both when entering Canada and when returning to the United States. You may also need to provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

Cost of An Immigration Attorney

Q: What is the difference between filing fees and legal fees?

A: Legal fees are payments for legal services that our law firm charges to take on a certain case. These fees pay for the attorneys, paralegals, and staff to prepare and file your case with the government.

Filing fees are the fees that the US Citizenship and Immigration Service ("USCIS"), Department of State ("DOS"), or Department of Labor ("DOL") charges applicants for filing a petition or application with the government agency. 


Q: Do you offer free legal services to people who can't afford it?

A: We do offer pro bono (free) services for clients under extreme circumstances. Even if you don't meet the qualifications for pro bono or free legal services at World One Law Group, you may qualify at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), which offers free immigration help for those in need. 

NWIRP website:

NWIRP address: 615 2nd Ave #400, Seattle, WA 98104

NWIRP contact: (206) 957-8600

Q: Why do I have to pay before I have the results of my case?

A: As described in the answer to the previous question, filing fees are required by USCIS in order to file any application. This means that payments for the government filing fee must be paid in full before the application is filed. In addition, it is policy of World One Law Group to receive a partial payment at the various steps of your case. For example, a partial payment is required before starting the preparation on the case and then another payment prior to the submission of the completed application. The payment process may vary by case types. 


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