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The World One Way "WOW"

The World One Way "WOW"

Every immigration case at World One Law Group go through eight steps that we call the World One Way.

The World One Way is how we "WOW" our clients!

​Here is a brief overview of each step.


1 Consult

During the CONSULT step, you would schedule a meeting with an immigration attorney at World One Law Group. During this meeting, we would review your situation, discuss your options, and develop the best strategy to meet your needs and requirements. We would also provide a quote for the legal and filing fees for your case.


2 Agree

For the AGREE step, you would receive a representation agreement from your attorney at World One Law Group. This agreement describes the specific type of case we will do with you, your legal and filing fees, and the specific steps that will be included. You will review and sign this agreement (or sign it electronically) and return it to us with your initial deposit. Once your agreement is signed and your payment is made, you are officially a client of World One Law Group.


3 Intake

The INTAKE step involves you completing an online questionnaire. Your attorney or paralegal will send you a login, password, and link to the questionnaire that is specific to the type of case we are doing with you. You will also have the opportunity to provide the documents we will need for your case, such as a passport, previous approval notices, or other evidence. This step is complete once your questionnaire is submitted and all of your documents are received.


4 Prepare

During the PREPARE stage, your paralegal and attorney at World One Law Group will prepare your forms, cover letter, and other materials to submit to the US Immigration Service, Department of Labor, National Visa Center, or US State Department (depending on your case). We will send you the forms for your review and signature. Once your forms are complete and signed, this stage is done.


5 Submit

The SUBMIT step is when World One Law Group files your application or petition with the US government. Our paralegals draft the packet, your attorney reviews it, and we ensure we have everything we need to give you the best chance of approval. We scan a complete copy of the submitted packet and send you a copy. We also provide a tracking number so you can confirm that your materials were received by the USCIS, DOL, NVC, or other government agency. When the government provides a receipt notice or confirms receipt, we send you a copy of that receipt.


6 Process

The PROCESS step is when the US government is reviewing your materials. We work with you on tracking your case online and provide an estimate of the timeline for a decision in your case. Certain cases may require a biometrics appointment for fingerprints and photographs, and we would send you reminders about that appointment. We may also get a request for evidence ("RFE") and we would work with you on responding to that request. Some cases also get Employment or Travel Authorization, called an EAD or AP, while you are waiting for a final decision.


7 Result

The RESULT step occurs when the government issues a decision on your case. When your case is approved, we will receive an approval notice which is scanned and sent to you. We also provide a letter or email that describes your rights and responsibilities, and provides additional information to you about your new immigration status. If your case is denied, you will meet with your attorney to determine the next steps and develop a strategy for your case. We will ensure that you understand what the government decision means for you, your business, and your family.


8 Advise

The ADVISE step ensures that you are reminded when your documents or status expire in the future. We track expiration dates for your visa status, passport, I94, and other status. We also let you know when you are eligible to file for an extension, permanent residency, or US citizenship through the naturalization process. We want to continue to serve you to ensure that you stay in compliance with US immigration laws and regulations.


World One Case Types

Family Petitions

Work Visas

  • H-1B Specialty Occupation
  • TN NAFTA Visa
  • L1A Multinational Manager
  • L1B Specialized Knowledge
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability
  • EAD work authorization
  • F‑1 Student
  • Optional Practical Training
  • I-140 Immigrant Petition
  • PERM Labor Certification
  • National Interest Waiver
  • I‑485 Adjustment of Status

Humanitarian Cases

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